Danseuse faces cheating charges

Dec 05, 2011, 06:47 IST | Imran Gowhar

Renowned danseuse Nandini Alva has been accused of cheating her legal advisor of Rs 75 lakh that she reportedly owed to him for executing various project of the upcoming annual cultural fest, Bengalooru Habba, of which she is the founder.

Rejecting the claims of advocate N Vinod, who has filed a private complaint in the Magistrate Court against
the danseuse on Friday, Alva said, "He has stolen cheques from my office and is making false claims now.
We have already filed a complaint with Sadashiv Nagar police station on October 26," she said.

In his complaint, Vinod has alleged Nandini of not only issuing a cheque towards the payment, but also threatened him with dire consequences, boasting of her high-profile contacts.

In the complaint filed by Alva through her purchasing manager Niloufer, the company claims that they got to know about the fraud two days after the cheque was presented to the bank for encashment.

"We got a call from the bank for confirmation and we came to know that Vinod has stolen six blank cheques from the office signed by Nandini," she stated in the complaint.

According to Vinod, his firm Vinod and Associates entered into various understandings with Alva, who is the managing director of ALV Projects Pvt Ltd and M&W Associates Pvt Ltd, between 2007 and 2011.

"I along with my colleagues Sampath Kumar, Ravi H S and Ramesh Babu B N have rendered legal services to M&W Associates, 'Bengalooru Habba' conducted by AFFA annually, for which Alva agreed to pay a lumpsum amount of Rs 75 lakh as our legal fee. She used to pay travelling and other miscellaneous expenses also," Vinod claimed.

The advocate has alleged that Alva, during the month of August, expressed her willingness to settle the fee issue and issued a cheque (bearing No. 242517) of United Bank of India for an amount of Rs 30 lakh on September 21 towards making a partial payment.

As per the lawyer's complaint, the cheque was issued in Vinod's name and with an assurance that the remaining amount of Rs 45 lakh would be cleared after the completion of Bengalooru Habba in January 2012. 

When Vinod presented the cheque for encashment on October 24 through Karnataka Bank's City Civil Court Branch, Bangalore, it was dishonoured on October 24.

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