Dating app that sparks up intelligent conversation

New York: At a loss of words on your first date? You won't be, thanks to a new dating app that sparks conversation.

The new app, called Willow, is seeking a different approach. Instead of swiping left or right based on the first selfie you see, you're prompted to answer a set of three questions -- written by users -- that are designed to spark up a conversation.

What's more, users decide when and if they wish to share photos with other users; at first, the answers to these questions are all that future dates see.

The app's founder Michael Bruch, 24, an alumnus of the New York University, was reported as saying that he wanted to fill a void he noticed when using dating apps that focused on swipes rather than what you like.

"You can match with a bunch of people that you think are good looking but you don't really know much about them until you start talking to them," Bruch was quoted as saying by TIME.

In other dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid potential mates usually judge one another based on looks.

"If I'm going to spend time with someone I want to know that we have something to talk about - that's what's important to me," Bruch added.

So far, Willow's beta version has been downloaded by over 100,000 users.

What's more, people are using it for more than just finding love. "It's become more about social discovery than strictly dating," Bruch said.

"If you just want to get on an have a casual conversation about video games you can, and you can also use it to spark up a romantic conversation with someone that's less than 30 miles away," said the inventor.

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