'Dating tip: Treat her like a human being'

Q. How should a guy treat a girl on a date?
A. Treating her like a human being is usually a good start. This is a rather bizarre question because it implies that girls need to be treated in a specific way, when, in fact, they need to be treated like everyone else. Ask her how she is, take her likes and dislikes into consideration, listen to what she's saying, try and pick up non-verbal cues, don't thrust your opinions and preferences upon her and you will do just fine.

Q. What are proper manners for a girl on a date?
A. They're probably the same as manners for a guy: Treat your date with respect, avoid swearing, don't get drunk, be genuine as much as possible, offer to pay half or to buy the drinks, engage in lighthearted conversation, avoid standing up your date and just try and be nice. That should leave him wanting more.

Q. Are there any rules one must follow while trying to flirt on Facebook chat? Is sending risqué photographs of myself a bad idea?
A. The rules are pretty much the same no matter where you decide to flirt; it's not as if the platform you use changes the way you ought to communicate. Do keep in mind that if you're a pervert and revel in innuendo, the chances of your being blocked are very high. Avoid this sort of crude behaviour at all costs. If you must chat online, do it to find out more about the person you're flirting with, rather than to desperately attempt to get him or her into bed. Be respectful, find out about likes and dislikes, get a sense of what the person at the other end is looking for, and then slip in a gentle suggestion about a date in the real world. As for the risqué photographs, if you're male, please avoid sending her pictures of your genitalia. Women really aren't impressed because, in all honesty, most men only manage to look stupid when they're naked.

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