David Beckham goes nude in Super Bowl half-time commercial

London: David Beckham was seen running over rooftops and ending up nude in an advertisement for H and M Body Wear, during the half-time commercial of American football final.

David Beckham
David Beckham. Pic/ AFP

The 31-second ad saw the 38-year-old former football player pop onto a rooftop for a breather and end up locked out and as he realises that he is going to be late for a photoshoot, he sprints off barefoot across the rooftops, the Daily Star reported.

He dispenses with his grey 10-pound H and M vest, using it to slide down a telephone wire, before his briefs get torn off on a doorframe. Fans also got to vote whether they would get to see a clothed or naked Beckham, in the 2.5 million-pound prime slot. 

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    LOL! WOW..the rest should be left to imagine (; xx

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