David Beckham to buy black cab as a disguise

Former English captain David Beckham is keen to purchase one of London's black cabs in a bid to avoid being recognised across the streets of England.

David Beckham
David Beckham 

According to a British tabloid, the retired football ace has been shopping for a London black cab to help him sneak around incognito.

David, his wife Victoria and their kids are mega stars in England and obviously their every move ie closely watched by the ever so aggressive English media.

A London black cab
A London black cab 

Beckham believes that while his posh cars are spotted from a distance, a commoner's black cab would serve as the perfect disguise.

A source however, told the tabloid that Beckham's idea of buying the cab should not be misunderstood as an intention to avoid being close to his fans, “It will only help him to do his normal day-to-day errands,” said the source.



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