David Beckham unhappy as wife splits from best pal Eva Longoria

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Beckham upset with Posh as family friend Longoria skips her 40th birthday bash indicating the two are growing apart

David Beckham's wife Victoria 'Posh Spice' has reportedly broken off her friendship with best mate Eva Longoria, and the former England football captain is not too pleased about this.

Victoria Beckham. Pic/Getty Images
Victoria Beckham. Pic/Getty Images 

Fashion designer Victoria and the former Desperate Housewives superstar Eva were the best of friends until not too long ago, and bonded a lot as Victoria and her family moved to Los Angeles. However, Eva's absence from Victoria's 40th birthday party last month has left a lot of tongues wagging.

Victoria celebrated her April 17th birthday with a small party in LA, but followed it up with a big bash in London 10 days later, with former Spice Girls Mel C and Emma Bunton in attendance. However, Eva was not to be seen at the party.

David Beckham. Pic/AFP
David Beckham. Pic/AFP 

"When David and Victoria first moved to America, Eva was very friendly and helped them out. She introduced them to a lot of A-listers they may have struggled to meet without her.

But now, Victoria is an internationally acclaimed fashion designer. She's a star in the States, and they're not as close, so Eva missed both her parties," a source told British magazine Heat.

Eva Longoria. Pic/Getty Images 
Eva Longoria. Pic/Getty Images 

Beckham though, is said to be a bit disturbed about Victoria and Eva growing apart. "He knows Eva helped them out in LA and now that Victoria isn't as close to her, he feels awkward," the source added.

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