Dawn of a new City

Manchester City winning the English Premier League comes as a refreshing change for football fans, who are not obsessed by the teams and players, but the game in the main.

For far too long has Manchester United dominated the EPL — 19 titles is enough proof of their supremacy.

In fact, since the English Premier League was initiated in 1992, there have been just four teams that have managed to get their hands on the Premiership trophy — Blackburn (1995), Arsenal (’98, ’02 & ’04), Chelsea (’05, ’06 & ’10) and United ( ’93, ’94, ’96, ‘97, ‘99 ’00, ’01, ’03, ’07, ’08. ’09 & ’11).

Manchester City’s victory, made possible by redoubtable manager Roberto Mancini, has ushered in a new major competitor for the prestigious EPL crown. And a potentially rich competitor at that, given the one billion dollars pumped into the club by their new Arab owners when they took over a few years ago.

An automatic qualification for City into the Champions League now means the billions will be put to better use as soon as the next transfer window opens. Across the last decade, the Champions League has seen just two English clubs win it — United (2008) and Liverpool (2005). So, with Chelsea on the verge of becoming the third, when they take on Bayern Munich in the May 19 finale in Munich, it’s great news to see City stand a chance to become the fourth EPL club to establish their dominance in Europe neat year.

Minutes after their stunning EPL title triumph, some City stars announced that they are eyeing more trophies in the future. “I want to win more. I’m hungry,” said skipper Vincent Kompany. They sure deserve more success, but other champions must emerge for football to have even better future.

After all, variety is the spice of life.  

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