Cuernavaca: Several gunmen burst into the home of a newly-elected Mexican mayor and shot her dead, just hours into her tenure. Gisela Mota, a left-of-center former member of Congress, was gunned down barely 24 hours after taking her oath of office on Friday in the city of Temixco.

Gisela Mota. PIc/Facebook
Gisela Mota. Pic/Facebook

Temixco is plagued by organised crime and rampant drug trafficking problems and the 33-year-old slain mayor had vowed to help clean up.

Graco Ramirez, the governor of the central state of Morelos, said that the suspected gunmen had been arrested following the killing and pledged there would be “no impunity.”

Morelos has been one of the Mexican states most affected by drug violence plaguing the country, including kidnappings and murders. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, who took office in December 2012, has pledged to reduce the murders, kidnappings and extortion haunting Mexicans.  

1lakh Number of people who have been killed or gone missing in nearly a decade of drug violence in crime-affected Mexico