Day 95 in 'Bigg Boss 6': Agitated Niketan gets physical with Imam

After pulling a few legs and spreading a few smiles, Mallishka signed off in style. The housemates were happy to speak to her and discuss their scenarios in the final week of the show.

Imam and Niketan

After Mallishka’s exit, the housemates discuss how irritating Imam is and breathe a sigh of relief as they realize that they have hardly two more days left to deal with him. In sometime, Bigg Boss calls the housemates to the garden area and introduces them to a cash prize of Rs. 10 lacs placed in a brief case.

Imam and Urvashi

The housemates are given an option to leave with the money immediately. The housemates start talking about the offer and gauge whether anyone should go for it just two days prior to the finale.

Imam and Niketan

Eventually everyone passes off the idea and ignore the brief case. Bigg Boss sends in a task called Bigg Boss ka Mr. India. Imam is announced as the Bigg Boss ka Mr. India and the deal is that Imam can do whatever he likes to instigate the rest of the housemates but the housemates have no option but to consider him to be invisible and tolerate his behavior. Violence and damaging personal or production property is not allowed during the task.

Imam feels he is on cloud number nine as Mr. India of the Bigg Boss house and gets to work almost instantly after the announcement. Imam targets everyone’s personal belongings and places them in weird places like the washroom etc.

Imam goes to Niketan’s room (captains) and starts messing with his personal belongings. Niketan gets agitated and pushes Imam away. Imam starts telling him not to get personal and Niketan fights back by telling him to stay away from his personal belongings.

Just as the duo get into a heated argument, Bigg Boss calls them to the confession room. Bigg Boss tries to explain to the two to calm down and enjoy the final few days in the house.

Just after they come out, Imam tries to instigate Niketan by telling calling him a fake supermodel etc. Niketan and the rest of the housemates discuss Imam’s behavior and Niketan’s sudden outburst.

After sometime, Imam continues provoking the housemates by placing his belongings outside the main door of the house to restrict the housemates movements. Soon Bigg Boss calls off the task. The rest of the housemates jump with joy and tell Imam to clear the way.

Imam takes his own sweet time and a thirsty Urvashi starts getting restless. After a few minutes, Urvashi loses it on Imam and starts yelling at him to clear her way. Imam tries to calm her down but Urvashi starts mocking Imam.

The housemates go inside the house after sometime. Imam approaches Urvashi and tries to apologize for his behavior with her earlier by explaining that he was just performing the task. Urvashi pays a deaf year to him.

After Imam leaves the room, Urvashi tells Sana that she will ignore Imam till the finale for his ridiculous behavior. The night comes to an end with Imam having is dinner in the garden alone and the rest of the housemates gossiping inside the house. 

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