OHIO: Chuck Lamb (56) gave up his day job to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming an actor, pursuing roles where he plays dead bodies.

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The ex-computer engineer regularly spends hours creating gruesome scenarios with his wife Tonya (46) who photographs him playing dead for his website.

Lamb has been pictured being crushed by a garage door, run over by a jeep, electrocuted by a toaster and hanged on an overhead fan. And his website — Dead Body Guy — has proved popular, notching up 50 million views since its launch in 2005. But his big acting break has now come as the star of cult horror hit, Thankskilling.

The budget slasher, which charts the story of a demonic turkey that kills students, has spent months at the top of online streaming site Netflix’s most watched horror list.

Lamb, who lives in Ohio, has now played 25 roles on TV and in films, started pretending playing dead as he believed he would have more chance getting an acting role as a corpse — since he looks like one.

He said, “It started as a joke, we live in the mid-west and there aren’t many film opportunities. I just thought: wouldn’t it be cool to be on TV? How could we do that being nobodies? I had a dream that I was the dead body on Law & Order.

I woke up and realised: you don’t need any talent to play dead! So Tonya made up fake blood and started photographing the poses. She’s the brains behind it, I’m just the big chunk of meat that lies around ‘getting slaughtered’.”

But despite all the gruesome roles he’s been offered, Lamb said he would most love to appear on reality TV hit Celebrity Big Brother.