'Dear Dad'
U/A; Drama
DIR: Tanuj Bhramar
CAST: Arvind Swamy, Himashu Sharma, Ekavali Khanna
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'Dear Dad' is a one-line story that has been stretched to 100 minutes and beyond, as if to test the audience’s patience.

Nitin (Arvind Swamy) is struggling under the weight of a secret that he wants to reveal to his teenage son, Shivam (Himanshu Sharma) and unburden himself. He chooses to do that while dropping Shivam to his boarding school. Within the first half hour of the movie, the secret is out and the son is furious with the father, who then tries in vain to win the affection of the son. The boy, wanting to find a solution to the new problem that’s come between his father and him, tries everything possible, even approaching a Bengali baba in a desperate bid. Caught between the father and son is an amiable reality TV star (Aman Uppal).

Arvind Swamy on the set of the filmArvind Swamy and Shivam in a still from the film

A good subject, but unfortunately, there is no meat in the script or the screenplay for it to hold the attention of the viewer. All we are subjected to for the rest of the movie are the beautiful landscapes en route to Mussoorie and some everyday conversations.

It’s good to see Swamy on screen again, but wish he was part of a better film. Uppal shows potential.

This could have been a better film dealing with a real issue, but sadly, the script and direction did not seem confident enough to deal with it.