Demonetisation: Debate over currency switch lands 2 Mumbai men in jail

Demonetisation: Debate over currency switch lands 2 Mumbai men in jailAjay Trimukhe, whose face was slashed with a broken beer bottle

The country is clearly divided on the demonetisation issue, with those for and against it refusing to budge from their stance. This unfortunately had painful consequences for two pro-demonetisation youth at Ghatkopar.

A heated debate between four men on the issue has left two men injured and two in jail. The incident occurred earlier this week at Sanjay Nagar in Ghatkopar.

One of the victims, Ajay Trimukhe, claimed that he was explaining the benefits of demonetisation and the two who assaulted him were opposed to the government's step.

Following the argument, which turned into a fight, Trimukhe, a resident of Ghatkopar, ended up with injuries to his face and his friend, Dinesh Rawat, has injuries on his hand.

Demonetisation: Debate over currency switch lands 2 Mumbai men in jailDinesh Rawat, Ajay’s friend, who got injured while trying to help him

The accused have been identified as Deepak Dhede, 30, and Trambak Adagle, 25."Rawat and I were at a wine shop in Ghatkopar on November 20, when two others came there. Both were strangers and one of them had a beer bottle in his hand. The two men overheard my conversation with a friend on the currency ban. They then joined the conversation and started to argue that the government's move was wrong. I tried to explain to them that in the long run it would only help the country but one of them started verbally abusing me and then assaulted me. After one of them pushed me, the other smashed the beer bottle and tried to slash my face with it. I luckily managed to avert the hit and got away with a small cut," Trimukhe said.

Rawat, who intervened in the scuffle, sustained injuries on his hand. The two later decided to report the matter to the police. "Following the complaint, an FIR was registered in the matter. We have arrested two people," said a police officer from Ghatkopar police station. The two accused are now in judicial custody.

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