Deceased army officer's letter suggests foul play

Kumar Yashkar (42), deputy director, Director General of Medical Services, and his 32-year-old wife Archana, a trained classical dancer, were found dead inside their flat on Friday afternoon.

Statements of Yashkar’s family too adds fuel to the speculations that their death was mysterious. Yashkar's relatives claim is not a suicide case. “He had grown up facing adversities and was not a kind of person who will kill himself,” Yashkar’s cousin Pushkar Sinha told a TV channel.

The family has also ruled out that there was any marital discord between the couple.

Meanwhile, police have obtained Yashkar and Archana’s call records to ascertain details of people who were in touch with the couple. Sources said cops have also quizzed the two senior army officials, mentioned in the letter yesterday.

Police are yet to receive the post mortem report as the hospital has preserved the viscera for further investigations and forensic lab report, which is expected today.

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