Defence in Kim Jong Nam murder case fears 'trial by ambush'

 Indonesian suspect Siti Aisyah (C) escorted by police. Pic/AP
Indonesian suspect Siti Aisyah (C) escorted by police. Pic/AP

Kuala Lumpur: Handcuffed, two women accused of poisoning Kim Jong Nam appeared in court yesterday as their lawyers said Malaysian police still have not handed over security camera footage and documents crucial to the defence. Siti Aisyah, from Indonesia, and Doan Thi Huong of Vietnam are the only suspects in custody in the February 13 killing of Kim, the estranged half brother of North Korea's ruler. Four North Korean suspects fled the country the day of the murder, police say.

Aisyah's attorney, Gooi SoonSeng said, ”Neither side may seek unfair advantage by concealing weapons behind its back. There should be no trial by ambush.” Agencies

N Korea readies nuclear test: report
North Korea is ready to launch a nuclear test at its Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site, the 38 North monitoring group reported. The analysis group described the site as ”primed and ready”.

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