Delhi: 89 more drivers may lose their license for drunk driving

New Delhi: More than a month after suspending licenses of about 700 drivers for drunk driving, transport department is set to cancel or suspend 89 more licenses for the same offence.

"We have asked 89 driving license holders, who were found driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol for two or more occasions by traffic police, to send us their explanation within ten days," said a senior official of the transport department.

The official said that they have also asked such drivers why action should not be initiated under Section 19 (1)(f) of the M V Act and the relevant rules made there under for cancellation of driving license issued to them. "These 89 driving license holders have committed an act which endangers safety of public on the city's road.

The habitual tendency of drunk driving on the part of these offenders may lead to traffic accidents in future endangering their own lives and that of other road users," the official said. "As their offence is very serious, we may cancel or suspend their driving license after receiving their explanation" the official said.

In August this year, transport department had suspended licenses of 699 drivers, who were found driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol, for a year. This was the first time that the transport department had suspended license in a large numbers for drunk driving.

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