New Delhi: A magician performing tricks at a  BJP rally in South Delhi's Jangpura drew a huge round applause before party president Amit Shah took to the stage.

While people eagerly waited for around three hours to listen to Shah, magician Akram, dressed in saffron robe having

BJP symbol, demonstrated his tricks and urged the people to vote for BJP.

The show was divided into two segments -- "BJP ka jadu" and "Kamal ka jadu".

"I keep on doing magic shows in various areas of the city. I do not say that it's something magical, it's just an

art. I have customised my tricks to appeal to the voters to cast their franchise for BJP and understand the difference
between what is 'indrajal and mayajal' and what is reality," Akram said.

In his first trick, the magician tore a thousand rupees note into parts and turned it into a BJP pamphlet saying 'Don't vote for money bot for development". In another trick, Akram fetched a BJP flag form an empty hat.

With only a day remaining for the electoral campaigning to end for the February 7 polls, the parties are in full swing to the woo the voters.