Delhi Metro smart cards to get smarter

DMRC is working on finalisation of a technology which will allow commuters to recharge their smart cards at home, ATMs and select retail stores

Delhi Metro commuters have a reason to rejoice as, in a few months from now, they will not have to stand in long queues at the customer care window to get their cards recharged. Going by the proposed plan, in six months from now, Metro commuters can recharge their travel smart cards at home, at any ATM branch or even at retail outlets.

Metro commuters will be able to recharge their smart cards through various options such as online net-banking, credit cards, debit cards, among others.

Saving precious time
"For providing the facility at retail outlets, custom-made machines will be made available, where the recharge of cards will be done. DMRC is currently working on the finalisation of the technology which will be used for this facility.

It is expected that this facility will be made available to the commuters in another six to eight months," a DMRC official spokesperson said. Currently, due to the ever-increasing ridership, long queues can be seen at the customer care counters of major stations for card recharge. The upcoming facility will help people avoid the unnecessary long queues.

Making life easy
Adding to the benefits, the spokesperson said, "With the introduction of this new technology, the commuters will be able to recharge their cards through from home, while withdrawing money from ATMs, or picking up grocery from retail outlets."

Delhi Metro statistics at present
Presently, 58 lakh Metro smart cards are in circulation in the Delhi Metro network. About 12,000 Metro smart cards are being sold each day from at Metro Stations. About 6.5 lakh tokens are sold each day. The ratio of smart card users and token users in Delhi Metro is 11:4.

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