The accused staged a robbery to swindle company's money for his father's treatment. He was allowed to go after he pledged not to repeat the offence

In an unusual incident, Delhi Police let a youth accused of staging a robbery free, after he confessed to the crime and promised never to repeat it. The incident was reported from the New Delhi district area on Sunday. 
A senior police official said the accused, Muni Lamba, is a resident of West Patel Nagar in Central Delhi and works with an events' management company, R2S, in Patel Nagar. His job was to receive money on the
behest of the company from clients. On September 1, Lamba was given an assignment to meet a client in Vasant Kunj. He then received a payment of Rs 1 lakh from the client.

Around 5pm, he called the police, claiming he was robbed near Buddha Garden. The call was diverted to Mandir Marg and Chanakyapuri police stations, after which a team was immediately rushed to the spot. "Lamba said he was robbed of Rs 1 lakh cash by some bike-borne assailants at gunpoint. When we reached the spot, we did not find any signs of a scuffle and had our doubts about the story," said the police. Then Lamba fumbled and started giving contradictory statements to the police. Then police questioned him sternly and he broke down, confessing that he was trying to stage a robbery.

The reason
Lamba told the police his father was very ill, and his condition was deteriorating day by day. "He said doctors had suggested an operation for his father but he did not have any money to pay for the medical bill. He then decided to stage a robbery," said a police official.

'You're free'
Police then made Lamba take an oath not to commit such an offence in the future. He made a promise before the police and then was set free.