At the outset, we must congratulate the voters of Delhi for their stellar performance in the country’s electoral politics. What they scripted and staged is beyond the imagination of some people who thought they were destined to choreograph the country’s every move. The same people must be introspecting what went wrong for them and what clicked for Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP.

BJP may not accept it, but the Delhi poll outcome has put the people in a thinking mode. For record, Modi’s BJP in its nine months in power has won Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and emerged the second largest in Jammu and Kashmir with the highest vote share. These wins have the seeds of BJP’s defeat in Delhi. The people, who fell for BJP’s lofty promises in all these polls, must be welcoming the Delhi verdict that decimated the Modi-Shah-led conglomerate.

BJP committed a blunder under pressure when AAP made killer moves ahead of Delhi polls. The breaking of AAP didn’t work for Modi-Shah. In a departure from precedent, the two inducted Kiran Bedi and declared her the CM candidate. The party lost a large chunk of voters then and there, and also discouraged rank and file which expected a loyalist to get the top job. Even the RSS pulled out its support system. No wonder then, BJP national chief Amit Shah’s strategic excellence is under the scanner.

Yet another blunder by BJP came handy for Kejriwal. The party hit the ex-IRS officer below the belt. It dragged his family into the game and attacked him personally. It had not resorted to such tactics in polls it contested recently.

Meantime, Kejriwal ironed out deficiencies he faced in the 2013 polls, picked the right candidates and worked without losing focus. Led by those who chose not to desert AAP in its bad phase, AAP volunteers worked wonders.

A group in the BJP says off record that Modi and Shah were deliberate in losing Delhi because they wanted Kejriwal to face Delhi’s impatient voters, who want him to act immediately on promises he has made. We are counting takers for this theory...