Denzel Washington rarely likes scripts

Feb 14, 2012, 09:17 IST | IANS

Actor Denzel Washington admits he rarely finds the parts offered to him interesting and has to be involved in the scripts of films.

Denzel Washington

The 'Safe House' actor, who also directs and produces films, and has script approval, admits he is a "'ogic monster' and has to run through his parts with his movie colleagues before he is happy with them.

"Nine times out of nine the script is not there, to my liking. And I'm a logic monster. If things don't make sense, I gotta make sense out of them, and you get into the process," he told The Observer.

Washington has won two Oscars during his career, and he admits it may have made those who vote at the Academy Awards more aware of what other African-American actors were doing in their careers, reports

"You have to have a part to play, first, that's the bottom line," he said. "You don't get nominated unless you have a great role to play and you interpret the role well. So maybe it shifted voters' attention to what certain African-Americans were doing. What Jamie Foxx did in 'Ray' was phenomenal, it couldn't be denied.

"The fact that I'd won a couple of years earlier, maybe that did help for white voters to say, 'Hey, look at Jamie Foxx over here,' when they may not have prior to that. I don't know. But maybe, maybe," he added.

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