Deport one person from Bengal and we'll rock Delhi: Mamata Banerjee

Krishnanagar/Ranaghat: Daring BJP leader Narendra Modi to deport any person from West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Sunday said her party would "rock" Delhi if any such incident happens.

Mamata Banerjee
West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee. File pic

Banerjee, reacting to Modi's comments that infiltrators from Bangladesh would have to leave India, said: " He thinks he has already become the PM. If even one person in Bengal is touched, we will protest in Delhi, we will rock Delhi. Make sure such divisive parties never come to power."

She was addressing election rallies in Nadia district.

Her comments came hours after the Gujarat chief minister said at a Bankura rally that infiltrators from Bangladesh would have to leave India.

A week back, at another election meeting in Sreerampore, Modi had said that those who have "entered illegally" from Bangladesh would have to go back with bag and baggage.

Iterating that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stood for a "communal ideology", Banerjee said it wanted to divide Bengalis and non-Bengalis, Hindus and Muslims.

"If people speak in Bangla, they are branded Bangladeshi immigrants. If even one person in Bengal - be it Hindu or Muslim, male or female - is touched, we will take action.

"Who is he to pack off people from Bengal? His arrogance is showing."

Without taking any name, she said: "Why shouldn't the person, who practices communal politics and makes hate speeches, which led to death of innocents in Assam, be arrested?"

Attacking the Communist Party of India-Marxist and the Congress of not protesting against Modi's comments, Banerjee said she would not allow riots to take place in the state.

She took on Modi, saying her party would not support "the man whose hands are stained with the blood of riots".

"From head to toe, he is stained with blood of innocent people. Indian Constitution is secular. A man with a history of riots can never be the PM."

  • anil05-May-2014

    Has mamata gone MAD. Why is she protecting Bangladesi Infiltrators. This is just for Vote Bank Rajneeti. Tomorrow someone else will stand and say no muslim, eventhough from pakistan should not be kicked out

  • A Shaikh05-May-2014

    Bangladeshis need to go, not bengali indians..mamata didi wake-up, if you want bangladeshis voters not to leave, take them in kolkata, please!!! these bangladeshis are creating problem for indian muslims as well, recently they rioted at azad maidan and indian moslems were blamed for it...We understand that they are poor and no where to go, but settle them near bangladesh borders so that they can be deported after verifications, some system has to follow, political barking will not help!

  • Ravindra05-May-2014

    I think this is bull-shit. What Mamata jii wants??? Is India a haven for all Bangladeshi's and Pakistani's. Why is she so bothered for Bangladeshi's (I am not sayins Bangladeshi Muslims Mamatajii). Where are Bangladeshi Hindus?? Had you ever raised your voice or asked statistics for Bangladeshi Hindus??? No.. Not because you think it is job of Central. Not only Modi, but we all as Indians share the same emotions. Say No to Bangladeshis and Shows us why Hindus are decreasing in Bangladesh...

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