Depressed man strangles kids, hangs himself with same rope

Feb 02, 2012, 08:49 IST | Shiva Devnath

An unemployed diabetic, he said in his suicide note that he was depressed about his condition, and apologised to wife for not helping her make ends meet

A man killed his two children by strangling them with a rope, and then took his own life by hanging himself with the same rope, at his residence in Ratna Nagar in Chakala, Andheri last afternoon.

Depressed man

Santosh Arkar with his wife Radha. PICS/VIJAY BATE

A patient of diabetes, Santosh Arkar had been hospitalised recently, and was reportedly depressed because of the condition. His wife Radha had been working as a house-help in Singapore for a year, and Santosh took care of both his childrenĀ -- Sunil and Mitali.

The incident took place between 12.30 pm and 2 pm, as Mitali returned from school at around 12.30 pm.
The deaths were discovered when Santosh's sister Alka -- who stays nearby -- went over to his place to ask if they needed food. When he did not respond to the doorbell, she gathered the neighbours, who broke down the door. They discovered the children lying dead in bed, and Santosh hanging from the ceiling. All three were rushed to the hospital, where they were declared dead.

A shocked Alka said, "He was ill, but he should have not killed the children. I would have taken care of them. Why did he do this?"

Deadly step: Santosh killed his two children by strangling them with a
rope at his residence in Ratna Nagar in Chakala, Andheri, yesterday.

According to neighbors, Santosh would devotedly care for his children -- feeding them and ferrying them to and from school every day. But he was weighed down by his illness and his unemployment.

The kids would frequent Alka's place for food, and even stay over weekends.

Grief-striken: Santosh Arkar's parents and relatives grieve the loss of
their son and grandchildren

While Sunil studied in Bombay Cambridge School, Mitali was a student of Mahila Sangh English High School.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Prakash Vhatkar said, "He was ill for some time and was suffering from depression. We have recovered a suicide note from him, in which he says he took his and his kids' lives as he was depressed about his illness. He also apologised to his wife for not being able to help her make ends meet."

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