Despite heavy downpour Mumbai could face water cuts

Mumbai has witnessed incessant rains in the past few days, resulting in record rainfall in the month of June, but the lake levels say otherwise.

Though the rainfall led to a slight increase in the water level of the seven lakes that supply water to Mumbai, only Bhatsa Lake recorded a rise in 1.47 metres. Even Middle Vaitarna (0.89), Upper Vaitarna (0.35) and Modak Sagar (0.35) have shown a slight increase, despite the downpour in most parts of the city.


Between Saturday and Monday, Vihar lake recorded rainfall of 968.20mm while Tulsi lake had1014 mm of rainfall. Bhatsa, received 386mm of rain, Middle Vaitarna recorded 352mm of rainfall. Modak Sagar received 332.20mm of rain nad 228.20mm was recorded in Tansa.

water lake

The city has a daily supply of 3750 million litres, whereas the city requires 4720 million litres everyday. Therefore, fears of water cut still persist and a decision will be taken after July 15, based on the water levels in the lakes then. The city had a water-cut up to 25 percent last year as lake levels started to deplete.

“The city experienced good rainfall only on the weekend between Saturday and Monday. Last year we had to impose a water-cut because of less rainfall. The water level in the lakes is sufficient. Therefore, there will be no water cut at the moment. But if the levels don’t rise until July 15, we will have to impose a water cut,” said Ashok Tawadia, chief hydraulic engineer of the BMC.

However, sources from the IMD said that more rainfall is expected in the next couple of days in North Mumbai, where most lakes are situated.

Lake levels as of June 23, 2015


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