Dear Diana,
I have been close to this guy for over two years now. It was love at first sight for me even though my friends warned me about him. He is this rich Casanova, who has girls falling at his feet. Recently, he was dating two girls simultaneously, but they figured it out and despite it, both of them want him back. He attributes it to true love, whereas I attribute it to their love for his money. He is perfectly aware of my feelings for him. He says he will always be there for me. Whenever he's in trouble, I am the person he calls. At least this is what keeps me going for him. I know for sure that he will be mine for keeps. Right now he says he wants to have fun in life, but he says he will be mine eventually. My pals tell me I am the biggest fool to believe him and allow his philandering ways.
— Yamini

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Yamini,
Your pals are right because your guy cannot be trusted. It is strange that you are allowing him his indulgences. He may claim many things, but till then he is keeping you in the backburner, turning to you only when he feels the heat from someone else. All his socialising and womanising will also take a toll on him. Hopefully he will not end up with some sexually transmitted diseases. From the looks of it, he is just using you. If he really cares for you, he would not have behaved in such a manner. When he has no one on the scene, he turns to you. Otherwise he is having his bit of fun. Don't you realise this or are you so blinded by his love? It is time you did a reality check and woke up to the truth. This man may — or may not — end up with you, while you will be eternally waiting for him. Tell him to stop his philandering if he really cares for you.