Despite reprimand, only 22 out of 95 kites rescued from SGNP

Even after a strongly-worded letter from the convenor of Committee to Monitor Welfare of Birds and Pets after 95 unfit kites were released in Sanjay Gandhi National Park (‘Shocked about dumping of kites, HC-appointed panel writes to SGNP’, mid-day, April 30), the Thane Forest Department (TFD) has brought only 22 birds back from the park.

According to K P Singh, Chief Conservator of Forest (Territorial) Thane, the remaining kites were fit and therefore released. However, when mid-day had spoken to the Range Forest Officer, Anil Todarmal, before the kites had been released in SGNP, he had stated that the birds were physically unfit.

Shakuntala Majumdar, the convenor who had written the letter, said, “Birds are usually brought to Tipperary Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TSPCA).

I hope that TFD has enough space to keep the 22 birds. We’ve had a meeting with Suresh Thorat, the additional principal chief conservator of forest, to look into Karnala Bird Sanctuary as another option for rehabilitation of birds.”

K P Singh, Chief Conservator of Forest (Territorial) Thane, said, “I will receive the final report on Friday. 22 kites have been brought to the department and the remaining 73 were released.”

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