Did disabled man's game player cause Kalina Blast?

A mysterious blast that stirred panic among the residents of Air India Colony in Kalina, Santacruz has left cops struggling to find answers about its cause and origin. 

The Vakola Police said that the explosion around 8 pm yesterday, that left many residents cold,  could have occurred in the electronic game player of  a physically challenged man, Dataram Salvi (30), when he was
on his way from Vidhyavihar to Kalina on his wheelchair. The impact left Salvi, a newspaper vendor, severely injured.

What really happened? Cops inspect the wheelchair belonging to
Dataram Salvi (30), after a blast that supposedly occurred in his game
player left him severely injured.

According to an eyewitness, the effect of the blast could be felt a km away. "I was having dinner at home when I heard a loud boom. I rushed out of the house and saw a handicapped man lying severely injured in his wheelchair. One of the pedestrians rushed him to the hospital," said AI colony resident, Arun Pawar.

Police said that the pedestrian, who it turned out, was a friend of Salvi's,  has been untraceable since he took Salvi to VN Desai hospital.

Another AI colony  resident, Sanjay, said, "The impact of the blast was so terrible that (Salvi) was severely burnt. He would've died had he not reached the hospital in time." 

Dr Prashant of VN Desai hospital said, "Dalvi was brought in a critical condition. His left leg was swollen and burnt, and his chest and right hand were severely injured. The patient required immediate surgery and was rushed to Sion hospital."

The Vakola police were unclear about the cause of the "intensive" blast. Though officials suspect the blast occurred in Dalvi's electronic game player, on the record they maintained that the cause is yet to be ascertained.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Anil Kharade said, "We have sent the samples and the victim's clothes from the site to the Forensic Science Laboratory in Kalina."

Cops said they would be able to answer further queries only after they have the lab reports. 

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