Did Irrfan Khan take a dig at Bollywood's 'Queen' Kangana Ranaut?

Irrfan Khan is best known for his acting prowess, but he can also be extremely witty and sarcastic at times. The actor dropped a hint that he might not act with Bollywood’s reigning queen, Kangana Ranaut.

Irrfan and Kangana Ranaut
Irrfan Khan and Kangana Ranaut

During an event for his upcoming film, 'Madaari', on Wednesday, the actor seemed to be in his element. When asked about starring with Kangana in a film, he quipped, “Kangana has gone beyond reach. I think I will work with her only if I wish to be a heroine. If I get a script in which she plays the hero and I am the heroine, only then will I do it.” (Read more)

Irrfan was clearly hinting at Kangana’s recent statements that there are three heroes in her upcoming film Rangoon — Kangana herself, Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor. With Kangs desiring to be the hero of the film and demanding to be paid on par with the guys, Irrfan could only see himself playing the heroine’s part in a film with the actress.

(Watch Irrfan Khan's 'Madaari' trailer here)

There had been buzz that Kangana was slated to feature in Sai Kabir’s upcoming film Divine Lovers with Irrfan. However, recently, Kangana opted out and Zareen Khan was roped in. (Read more)

During the event, the actor credited his directors for his achievements and hopes to see Indian filmmakers going West and making a mark there. “We have so many talented directors, they must go and work there,” Irrfan said.

He also heaped praise on his B-Town colleague Priyanka Chopra, who has been doing well in the US with her performance in TV show Quantico. “Priyanka deserves every recognition coming her way. She deserves much more. The way she has reached Hollywood in such a small time and with so much recognition, I think she is doing great. And that industry is not easy. She deserves every praise coming her way,” he added.



  • Vishnu14-May-2016

    I think he was also scared when he was doing life of pie, Jurassic world and now Inferno. He was also scared when he got national award for Pan Singh Tomar. What ever films(piku, talvar recently) Irfan has done he has always looked scared of competition. I think Jeany - the person who posted the comment is the most brave person around us today.

  • Vishnu15-May-2016

    Kangana Ranaut is definitely the most amazing heroine in bollywood today . I like her very much, but anyone who knows cinema will not compare Kangana and Irfan. It's not about sexism, even the best Kangana in this case(be it male or female) may become too egoist at times, although the correct reason for her rejection of the film is best known to her only. I was thinking why Jeany tried to compare talents of Irfan and Kangana.

  • GURJIT14-May-2016

    Are you trying to insinuate that it is wrong for a woman to play an equal role as a man? OR are you trying to insinuate that women should NOT strive to play important roles? Or are you trying to insinuate that it is wrong for a woman to WANT TO play central roles at the peak of her career esp when she has roles to CHOOSE from? This article is the example of how sexist are society's underbelly really is....Also seems like Irrfan's comment is very spiteful for reasons best known to him! Ewww

  • Jeany13-May-2016

    Scared of competition Irfan? She is one of the best actors India has and I think you are scared of her talent. Be a man and act like a man you don't have to change your gender to prove your talent and you don't have to put Kangana down for your panic attacks.

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