A new book on former Alaskan governor reveals she consumed cocaine while on holiday and had a one-night stand with a sports star

A new book claims that Sarah Palin has used cocaine in the past and had a six-month affair with one of her husband's business partners.

Scandalous: The new book claims that Palin was a bad mother and
made her children cook their food.
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The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, written by Joe McGinniss, will be published on September 20. It has claimed that Palin had an affair with Brad Hanson, who was running a snowmobile dealership with her husband.

Todd, her husband, soon discovered the affair and subsequently ended the business deal with Hanson.
In addition, the book has made the claim that the former Alaska governor and basketball player Glen Rice had a one-night stand.

The two met in 1987 when Palin was working as a sports reporter and he was playing in a college basketball tournament in Alaska.

Another allegation in the book is that she was taking cocaine. The book claims that she used to routinely used the drug along with her husband. The author writes that after college Palin developed a 'fetish' for black men.

She allegedly had a tryst with basketball star Glen Rice in her younger sister Molly's University of Alaska dorm room, while she was dating Todd and just nine months before the couple were married. The athlete is said to have confirmed the night of passion in McGinniss's book.

However, Palin and Hanson have denied the allegations. The explosive book goes on to quote those who knew the family growing up, claiming Mrs Palin was a 'bad mum' who would lock herself in her room for hours on end asking not to be disturbed while her children cooked themselves dinner.

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