Did Sohail Khan skip an event to avoid media?

Few weeks ago, Sohail was out with his father Salim Khan, and a few reporters came and asked the latter about the alleged rift between Sohail and his wife.

Salim Khan
Salim Khan

This infuriated the actor and he reportedly abused him.

This generated negative buzz for the actor and since then he is making sure that he avoids the media as much as he can.

Sohail Khan
Sohail Khan

In fact, Sohail was invited for an event and he had even confirmed his presence.

However, he ditched the event organisers at the last minute. Says a source, "Sohail was called for a confirmation about his presence on the same morning of the event. He said that he was in no mood to attend the event now."

Speculation is rife that the actor didn't turn up to avoid facing the media.

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