In the 8th such incident reported in a year, 5 bikes were burnt in Chunabhatti yesterday; police suspect the reason for the trend could be animosity between housing societies 
If the police are to be believed, the recent spate of bike burnings in the city could be acts of revenge by warring factions of residential societies or personal enmity. Yet another set of five motorcycles parked at the foothill in Kasaiwada, Chunabhatti was set ablaze mysteriously yesterday in the wee hours of the morning.

Charred: Residents were woken up as the smell of burning rubber and
metal engulfed the area. Fire officials rushed to the spot but couldn't save

a single bike.
Pic/Siddharth Dhadve 

Residents who were sleeping in their houses on top of the hill were woken up as the stench of burning rubber emanating from the bikes began to spread skywards. "The fire department was notified immediately and they reached the spot within minutes. Sadly, they couldn't do much to save the parked bikes," said an officer from Chunabhatti police station.

This is the eighth such incident of its kind. Several incidents of vehicles parked in residential premises being set on fire in the night have been reported in the past year, according to the police.

"Though most of the cases remain undetected, in some cases it has been found that the incidents were results of disputes between two buildings or colonies. In one case at Vikhroli the police had arrested a mentally disturbed person for the act," said a senior police officer.

Confirming the reports, Additional Commissioner of Police Qaiser Khalid (East Region) said, "Yes, we have noticed a trend of personal enmity behind such increasing incidents. In this case too, we are exploring the vengeance angle."

Baked bikes
>> October 1: One bike and three cars were burnt to ashes in Vile Parle.
>> September 26: Nine Bikes were set on fire at Samta Nagar in Kandivili. A drug addict was arrested for the crime as he took revenge for a tiff he had earlier with a biker.
>> January 15: One bike was set ablaze at Nirmal Nagar in Sion.
>> January 21: Two motorbikes set on fire at a garage in Mulund.
>> January 22: One bike was burnt in Tagore Nagar, Vikhroli (East).
>> January 23: One bike set on fire in Gautam Nagar, Trombay. Fire engulfed a car parked nearby.
>> December 29, 2010: Nine bikes parked in Sion Koliwada were set ablaze.