A thick fog caused a massive accident killing 3 and injuring more than 35 people on the German highway

Three people were killed and 35 injured in a massive pile-up collision on a fog-covered highway in western Germany, police said.      
The crash involved 52 vehicles and occurred on Friday night near the city of Muenster after fog settled over the stretch of autobahn (highway).   

Crash course: Investigating officials claim the fog caused the 52-car
pile-up on the autobahn but are still studying the actual cause of the
accident. pics/afp

Experts are investigating details of the accident, which drew hundreds of emergency workers to the scene. A stretch of highway nearly 6 miles long was closed.

Fourteen people were taken to nearby hospitals and 21 people suffered from minor injuries. It is not known exactly what caused the accident.

In a separate accident, five people were killed and two severely injured in a head-on car collision in the western city of Aachen early on Saturday.

Police said the likely cause of the accident was a speeding motorist.

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