Artist Vijay Belgave expresses his fascination for the fairer sex as he captures the various facets of a woman on canvas

"I have not known anything more beautiful, inspiring and fascinating than a woman. She may be your mother, sister, girlfriend, teacher or even the receptionist who smiles tirelessly at you as you walk into a hotel, restaurant or shop," says artist Vijay Belgave.

In town for an exhibition of his latest works, the artist claims to have drawn inspiration for his paintings from women. A total of 15 paintings displayed at the exhibition, feature different emotions of women with the creative use of geometric shapes. "After much research on rhombuses, I decided to use this diamond shape in my work," informs Belgave. Though his paintings showcase the different shades of femininity, the innovative use of rhombuses provides edginess to the artworks.

Artist Vijay Belgave

Belgave started his career in fine arts in 1996 with an exhibition in Mumbai. "I am obsessed with art. Since childhood, I was inclined towards paintings but I wasn't too good at it," he reveals. He studied fine arts in Latur, Marathwada. "Initially, it was just an extension of a hobby, but when I got admission into Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya in Pune, I put my heart and sole into art," he adds. After the three-year graduation in fine arts, Balgave continued his study in fine arts with a year long professional course in Mumbai, after which he held his first art exhibition.

Belgave loves using oil colours for his works. "Even though acrylic colours are easier to use and dry faster than oil paints, I prefer to use the latter. Oil paints give my work a livelier look," says the 37-year-old artist.

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