Different types of hugs and their meaning

Feb 24, 2016, 10:21 IST | Onlymyhealth.com

Did you know that the way you hug, tells a lot about you than you can even think. Not kidding. As you may be aware that hug is a gesture of showcasing affection reveals a lot about a person.

Let’s see, how you hug and what does that mean:

Different types of hugs and their meaning

Hug that buddies share
It is more of a friendly gesture. When a person wraps his or her arms around you and pats your back lightly is a buddy hug. It generally depicts the good friendship two people share. If a girl is giving you a “Buddy Hug”, she has friend-zoned you for life.

The sleepy shoulder hug
This is something more than just a friendly gesture; it is a warm moment for a girl and a guy. Both guy and girl are wrapped into each other’s arms and the girl slightly rests her head on guy’s shoulder. If something like this is happening, you are having a sleepy shoulder hug. In this hug, the gesture from girl depicts that she is indeed feeling secured and safe in your arms.

The polite hug
This is a formal hug, the one that is there just for the sake of it. A polite or a small smile will don your lips while you bent slightly and hug while making sure not to touch each other. These kind of hugs usually happen on first date because a lot of nervousness or when there is a feeling of detachment, which is when you are not willing to go any further with the date.

The bear hug
The most popular and shared by almost everyone, sometimes even lovers. Mostly you get to have it or see it when two people have met each other after a very long time. You missed each other and this warming bear hug conveys your love/ affection and how much you missed them.

The quickie
This one generally comes about when you are done with the conversation and are in a rush to different directions. This quickie is to tell the other person that it was nice to meet him or her and now you need to leave.

The unanswered one
This hug shouldn’t be called a hug at all, the reason being its cold vibes people share with this hugs while hugs are meant to be warm. In this hug, one person hugs while the other one just stands there like a statue, with no expression or answer to the hug. This hug gives the vibes that the other person, who isn’t hugging back has lost interest in you and now doesn’t give much heed to you.

The snuggling
This hug is mostly shared while being all cosy and comfy on the couch with someone while watching television. This is the time when you sometimes snuggle, which means that you two are very much comfortable in each other’s presence.

The squeezer
This hug makes your heart flutter as it comes out very passionately. Someone who likes you, or adore you will squeeze you tight in arms.

So, now you know all about hugs. So, what hug are you going give the one that you love?

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