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Nov 07, 2011, 08:29 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent
As if we Indians did not have enough on our plate. After encountering problems such as air pollution, uncomfortable travel facilities, arrogant rickshaw and taxiwallahs, day in day out, now comes food contamination.

A survey conducted by MiD DAY has revealed that mosambi (sweet lime) juice is unfit for consumption due to a large presence of coliform bacteria. Shocking, because we associated Mosambi juice as a perfect ally for patients suffering from various diseases. One shudders to think about the multiplying effect contaminated mosambi juice would have on an already ill person, fighting hard to shrug off his illness and get out of his sick bed.

Why can't juice joints be more sensitive and our authorities more vigilant? These are questions whose answers will be forever elusive if there is a complete lack of policing on the food aspect. Callousness is at the very heart of the problem, ditto a why-should-we-care attitude which has become a cancer to our society.

At the end of the day, we don't value life as much as our counterparts in most other countries do. The sooner we face up to this fact and do something about it collectively, the chalta hain line will continue to rip through and damage our existence.

Offenders have to be dealt with in sterner fashion has become a clich �d line for our politicians when a tragedy takes place. It gets repeated for a few days more and is soon forgotten. Why not deal with the problem now? To the politicians and other authorities, here's what we have found out in Mosambi juice.

Are you ready to probe this credibly? Have your share of publicity and fame when a microphone is thrust before you , but do something. The price for negligence as well as turning a blind eye is too big to pay.  Food contamination must be crushed to pulp.

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