Digvijay Singh wishes Team Anna a happy Diwali

Oct 26, 2011, 14:54 IST | ANI
Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh on Wednesday refrained from commenting on veteran social activist Anna Hazare's recent tirade against the government and wished the civil society activists a very happy Diwali.
"I only wish them (Team Anna) a very very very happy Diwali," said Singh, when asked to comment on the ''gang of four'' named by Hazare.
Hazare had on Monday night hit out against a ''gang of four'' in the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government, which he said was opposed to the Jan Lokpal bill and was carrying out a systematic ''character assassination'' of his team members.
"To accuse and humiliate seems to be the mantra of these few. I do not blame all the ministers in the Congress party or the government as a whole. There are some righteous and committed people in the government but they cannot raise their voice because of this gang of four," said Hazare in his latest blog posted on Monday night.

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