Dilma Rousseff re-elected as Brazil president

Oct 27, 2014, 09:41 IST | IANS

Brasilia: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was re-elected to a second term Sunday, the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) said.

Rousseff garnered 51.62 percent of the votes, while conservative opposition candidate Aecio Neves of the Social Democratic party (PSDB) got 48.38 percent, with 99.77 percent of the votes counted, Xinhua reported.

Dilma RousseffDilma Rousseff. Pic/Getty Images 

Rousseff, 66, won what was considered as Brazil's most bitterly contested presidential race in two decades, as an economic slowdown gave the pro-business PSDB an opportunity to make headway in its campaign.

Acknowledging the economic troubles, Rousseff's campaign promised "a new cycle of development (that will be) more productive and competitive" for Latin America's biggest economy.

Her win means another four years in power for the Workers' Party, which has held power for 12 years and leveraged an economic growth to expand social welfare programmes and lift more than 40 million people from poverty in Latin America's most populous country.

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