Dips' Diwali hangover

The last week has been the perfect definition of festive fun -- family get-togethers, parties with friends and yummy food that's simply irresistible. Model-actress Dipannita Sharma has indulged in all this and more. Diwali being her favourite festival, the lady seems to be suffering from a festive hangover right now. She tells CS about it:

Who: Dipannita Sharma
What: Talking about the festive hangover
Where: At her Oshiwara residence

Family break
It has been a wonderful week, as I got to celebrate Diwali with most of my family -- my parents in-law, sister-in-law, my sister and my husband. But I truly missed spending time with my parents as they couldn't come down from Assam. Right from Dhanteras on Monday till Bhai Duj on Friday, we had a blast. Since I love lighting diyas, every evening I would just light up every corner of my house. In the mornings, my sister and I would draw beautiful rangolis, while afternoons were spent gorging on delicacies. There were a many card parties to attend, but we only went to those where we could spend some quality time catching up with friends. To me, spending time with your loved ones and indulging your sweet tooth is what this festival is about.

Those were the days...
And I've spoilt myself so much this Diwali, that it's difficult to get back to my routine work. And now that the festival is over, it depresses me to think that all the gifting is over! And so, to cheer myself up, I've been lighting diyas even though the festival is over. Moreover, I have such a strong sweet tooth that I can't even get back to eating healthy, now that Diwali is over. Going to the gym is out of the question as I hate gymming. Instead, I go to dance classes or do some activity that burns some fat. I've been blessed with my dad's athletic frame, which works to my advantage (smiles).

Birthday delights
Also, to me the festival is special because I was born on Diwali day. Though my birthday is on November 2, my entire family treats me special on Diwali every year. But my husband always manages to make my birthday extra special. He's surprised me earlier, and this year he hasn't revealed any plans yet, so maybe there' something special in store for me. So though there's a lot of work going on for a film project that I've signed on, I'm going to make sure I keep myself free on Wednesday. It's just another great way to extend the festivities!


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