Dipti's chocolate hero

Though he's been married for over seven years, actor Shreyas Talpade is still a lover-boy at heart. He likes to get small gifts for his wife, Dipti, on a regular basis, and believes that listening to your wife is a must for a successful marriage. On the occasion of Valentine's Day, Shreyas shares his V-Day memories with CS:

Who: Shreyas Talpade
What: Talking about his V-Day memories
Where: At Madh Island

Time for love
I don't consider Valentine Day's as a very special occasion. I feel that everyday should be a day of love. Giving your partner a gift on birthday/V-day or anniversary is pass �; it's the small gifts on normal days that truly keep your romance alive. Nowadays, I try and make up with people whom I have fought with on Valentine's Day. I take the day as an occasion to end conflicts and win hearts.

Advance booking please
We did celebrate Valentine's Day in a proper manner in the first year of dating. I got her flowers, chocolates and a bottle of perfume. And then we went out for dinner. Since it was Valentine's Day, all the restaurants were booked in advance. We went from place to place and there was no table vacant. I didn't have the foresight to book one in advance. And then, in sometime, she started feeling very hungry. Now, Dipti has to eat when she's hungry, or else she gets a bad headache. I panicked thinking that if she got a headache now; my love story might just get over. Thankfully, a friend called up, and I told him about my predicament. He directed us to a restaurant where he was seated with his girlfriend. Finally, we got seats and had dinner! So, guys always book a table in advance.

Sweet something 
Dipti loves chocolates. In the initial days of our courtship, I never went to meet her without a chocolate in my hand. I used to travel by bus, so before boarding a bus, I would rush to the nearest store to buy a chocolate for her. Finally, when I realised that the cat was in the bag (laughs out aloud) that I became a little complacent about buying chocolates. But I still get chocolates for her quite often while returning home from work. Or I get some flowers. You need to do these small things to keep your romance alive. However, nothing stops Dipti from swiping my credit card and buying something for herself (laughs out loud)!


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