Disha Kapoor was auditioned on Skype for '6-5=2'

Chulbuli Pandey

Disha Kapoor auditioned on Skype and was selected for her nude make-up look in Bharat Jain's film '6-5=2'.

Disha Kapoor
Disha Kapoor

A model and TV actress, Disha is also a crusader for AIDS awareness. She says, "I liked the thought of having to audition without make-up. I think for any woman in a horror film or otherwise, the no make-up look is scariest. But I enjoyed the thought of it. And once the audition was over, I was on board."

But this was just the beginning for Disha. The director took her to the actual location where the shoot was to be held and explained to her the found footage format of the film.

"I realised we had to walk 10 miles or so and there was no vanity van. And at times, we had to stay put in the jungle despite darkness. It wasn’t easy, especially since everyone was playing pranks. But this is one film that I enjoyed to the hilt." '6-5=2' releases on November 14.

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