Disturbing video: Crocodile bites man's head as he voluntarily puts it in

Jun 19, 2017, 08:40 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Disturbing video: Crocodile bites man's head as he voluntarily put it inScreengrab of the video

A video is doing rounds on the social media which shows a zoo performer trying to entertain his audiences with a death-defying stunt by putting his head in a the mouth of crocodile.

However, the stunt went horribly wrong.

The incident took place in Ko Samui, Thailand.

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The zookeeper first plays around with two small wooden sticks. He then lowers down his head a bit and teases the crocodile by fiddling with wooden sticks inside its open jaw. He then goes one step ahead and puts his head inside the croc's mouth.

The predator then snaps its jaws shut terrified onlookers.

It was a lucky escape for his as he did not end up in the crocodile's tummy.

Warning: The content in the below video is disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised

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