Divorced men are twice more willing to re-marry and get back on their feet compared to women, a new study has revealed.

The new study has revealed that 47 per cent of men who had been through a divorce are eager to wed again.

However, on the second hand, only 20 per cent of female divorcees say they want to tie the knot a second time.

The study of 2,000 adults - conducted to mark the DVD release of romantic comedy 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'' - indicated that divorced men are also far more committed to finding love again.

An astonishing 42 per cent of divorced men who are looking to date again also said they would be prepared to pay for a professional pick up artist to chaperone them on a date - a little like Steve Carrell does with Ryan Gosling in the film, the Daily Mail reported.

They expected that this expertise might help better their chat-up technique.

Despite more than 20 dedicated date coaching services in the UK, less than one in five women said that they would ever consider such a thing.

More divorced men also confessed about putting their profile on a dating website.

The study also divulged that thirty-one per cent said that they had tried online dating since their divorce, compared to just 19 per cent of divorced women.

"Dating is a complicated game for men and more so for those that are starting all over again, having been off the dating scene for a number of years," Mini Lane, a professional dating expert, said.

She said that men consult gurus to help them learn how to dress and flatter their physique, as well as to develop their body language.