Diwali burn cases decline in the past few years

Thanks to the growing awareness amongst Diwali revellers against bursting firecrackers, which aggravates air pollution, the number of burns cases registered across hospitals in Navi Mumbai has witnessed a significant fall in the last few years.

Welcoming the change, Dr S M Keswani, plastic, cosmetic and burns surgeon at National Burns Centre in Airoli, said, “It is good news that the number of burns cases reported during Diwali have fallen.

The number has come down by almost 50 per cent. Nowadays, most avoid bursting crackers as they are aware of the pollution it creates.” However, Keswani added that people still lacked knowledge about how to handle a burns victim.

Some still use cloth to douse the flames instead of splashing water on a victim, which is a universal remedy to curb the intensity of the injuries, he said. “Majority of the injuries are caused by flowerpots or anars. Eight out of 10 burn victims sustain injuries while lighting a flowerpot.

Most of them injure their eyes and hands,” Kesawni said. Dr Shyam More, medical superintendent of D Y Patil Hospital in Nerul, said, “People nowadays have a hectic schedule and hence utilise festival time to socialise. School children are also being sensitised about environmental hazards of bursting crackers, which seems to be is yielding results.”

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