Do or die

Vikramjeet Sharma (33, above left) and his brother-in-law Rakesh Kumar Sharma (24) from Chirdi village in Udhampur, Jammu & Kashmir, were felicitated by the All India Anti-Terrorist Front (AIATF) for nabbing Pakistani terrorist Mohammad Naved Yakub alias Mohammad Usman (22).

Pics/Datta Kumbhar

The event was organised by AIATF in Mumbai yesterday. Rakesh told mid-day, “It was the first time we had seen such huge, heavy guns; the terrorist was carrying grenades in his pockets, one was right in his shirt’s right hand side pocket.” Rakesh and Vikramjeet are members of the defence committee in their village.

“Our village is very small with hardly 2,000 people, but people there are very brave and patriotic,” said Vikramjeet. This was their first visit to the city, and both bravehearts had a few words for Mumbai, “We want to tell the people of Mumbai that they should not be afraid of these terrorists.

Once we are afraid of them, they will target us more. One should be fearless and brave while taking on terrorists. One has to be very alert too.” Both will be visiting various other places in Mumbai and the state. Vikramjeet said, “We are born to serve the country. Even if we don’t get anything as a reward, we will happily die for our nation. We don’t want fame, we want people to come forward and act.”

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