Docs hunt for kin of TB patients

Days after P D Hinduja Hospital identified 12 cases of totally drug resistant (TDR) tuberculosis, the state has now appointed a team of doctors to track down all those who had come in contact with these patients. Of the 12 patients detected with TDR TB, 10 are from Mumbai.  Yesterday, a UN appointed TB consultant from the central government and Dr P Y Gaikwad, joint director (Tuberculosis), State Health department along with a team of doctors met their counterparts who had claimed to identify these cases.

 With the affected patients offering resistance to the first line and second line of TB treatment, the medical community is in a tizzy over the course of treatment. According to doctors, the only option they have is to treat such patients with a few drugs and surgery in few cases.

Commenting on TDR cases, Dr P Y Gaikwad, said, "We have asked authorities to share their data on the kind of treatment being given to these TB patients. Our doctors have already started to trace all those who had come in contact with these patients."

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