Doctors remove 33mm wooden piece from woman's eye in Thane

Aug 08, 2015, 16:35 IST | PTI

In a major eye surgery, a team of ophthalmologists in the neighbouring Thane district have successfully operated and removed a 33 millimetre piece of wood, a foreign body, from the bony socket of a woman's eye.

Terming the surgery as 'medical miracle', the team of doctors who performed the operation, claimed that it was the 'world's largest foreign body' removed from an eye. Dr Shashank Ranade, who operated upon the patient along with Dr Sunil Morekar, said Saiyada Khatoon (50), hailing from Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh), visited his hospital and complaint of swelling in her right eye for the last four months.

Though she suffered no pain and had a perfect vision of 6/6, the eye was displaced downwards and pushed outwards. "Upon analysing the CT Scan reports and going through proper case history, it was revealed that she had a fall on a bunch of wooden sticks and a 33 millimetre wooden piece had pierced into the socket of the eye," Ranade said.

The surgery was conducted on August 4 that lasted for about four hours and the doctors were surprised to discover a wooden piece of 33 mm long and 5 mm diameter left behind the eyeball, deep buried below the tissues which was probably not seen in the previous scans.

Doctors said the patient is doing well post surgery. "I am very much fine and just have slight swelling around the eye," said Khatoon, who has been asked by the doctors to stay in the city for a while for further monitoring.

Referring to the extensive literature research of national and International level articles, Dr Ranade has claimed that there has been 'no documentation' of such a large foreign body to remain in the orbital socket (of eye) for such a long time.

"We are trying to reach the ethical committee of our governing body All India Ophthalmological Society and also thinking to apply the case as a contender for Guinness Book of World Records for removing largest foreign body from orbital socket of the eye," he said.

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