Does being a mom come first for Shilpa?

Mar 28, 2012, 08:35 IST | Divya Unny
Shilpa Shetty, who is due to give birth in May, puts her work-related travel on hold

It's a double whammy for Shilpa Shetty. While the actress is expected to deliver her first baby this May, her pet project in which she plays a classical dancer-turned-monk has been officially selected at the 2012 New York International Film Festival.

However, the actress can't travel to New York, in her advanced state of pregnancy. The film has recently attracted a lot of attention. It was awarded the Best Narrative feature film at the Geneva Film Festival and was also screened at the Boston International Film Festival (BIFF).

Says Shilpa's mother Sunanda Shetty, "At this point we'd rather have her rest than travel anywhere. I just got back from the London Asian film festival where everyone appreciated the film a lot."

More on the project
The film that talks about an Indian dancer and her love story with a Chinese artist has been spoken of for its portrayal of culture and also for its bold content. Apparently it is the kind of cinema Shilpa wishes to support in future.


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