Does Nana Patekar want people to boycott Sanjay Dutt's films?

Breaking rank with Bollywood, actor Nana Patekar speaks out against extension of parole to Sanjay Dutt, says he will never work with the convicted star

Notwithstanding the support of Bollywood bigwigs to Sanjay Dutt, Nana Patekar on Thursday slammed the extension of parole to the jailed actor, saying he would never work with the convicted star.

The 63-year-old actor said the least he can do is boycott the films that Dutt stars in.

Nana Patekar
Nana Patekar has broken ranks with Bollywood over Sanjay Dutt's parole issue. File Pic

"I have not worked with him in 22 years of my career, I will not work with him in future too," the actor told a news channel.

"Government will do whatever they want. They are saying that it is legal, you can't say anything about it. But I will do whatever is in my hands," he added.

Dutt, 54, was convicted by the Supreme Court for illegal possession of arms in connection with the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case and was sentenced to six years of imprisonment.

He had earlier served 18 months of jail and had surrendered himself before a Mumbai court on May 18, 2013 to serve the remaining period of his imprisonment.

"You will watch his films and make him a hero and later you say he shouldn't get parole. Things don't work like that. What can I do? Who will listen to me? People think he is only an actor. I am also a common man but who will consider that," Patekar said.

Patekar had spoken out against Dutt even at the time of his sentencing, saying he should not be given a favourable treatment for being an actor. Dutt has drawn flak for getting parole of almost 100 days during his current jail term.

  • Pappu27-Feb-2014

    Watch your mouth uncle. Entire Bollywood will boycott you

  • jack27-Feb-2014

    Nana Patekar has always been his own man... It is sad to see that even population of billions of people no one has the guts to come out and speak openly about Sanjay Dutt's Parole. Im sure he will go back in for 15 days and then be out again for 3 months or might even get a complete pardon..

  • Joe Chakeu27-Feb-2014

    Admire your guts. Not like the other films stars who pussy foot around the problem. Where are the other big wigs of bollywood (Jaya Bhaduri, Amitabh Bacchan, Jaya Prada, SRK, Mahesh Bhatt, etc.) why can't they speak against parole which Sanjay Dutt has because of his political connections and money.

  • Indian02-Mar-2014

    What about the other bigwigs who are not even tried and punished. Does nana patekar has guts say anything against modi who has done mass massacre in gujrat?He is just looking for soft targets...Grow up old man!

  • vasaraja28-Feb-2014

    Sanjay dutt is indirectly responsible for the Mumbai blasts he deserves severe punishment & he should spend at least 10 yrs in prison. What a shame for bollywood & nana patekar is the only one to speak the truth. Bollywood is for stars, actors most with underworld connections & so Dawood his Pakistani support were most influential in carrying these inhuman crimes against Hindus . Shame on you sanjay the many people who lost their lives ,families will never forget or forgive you. Jai Hindustan

  • DD01-Mar-2014

    Nana can say what he wants, and everybody can respect his opinion but there is nothing about him having balls in what he said. Anybody can say what he said, why is he great for doing that? I like him but this is another media stunt. Other bollywood members are not saying this because they want to be politically correct and want to make sure they dont make enemies. Nana is not afraid of that, and that's the only difference.

  • G27-Feb-2014

    Dear Nana, You are the true son of the soil and a true patriot. I fully agree with you. There should be no leniency for people who sided with traitors and caused a massive loss of human lives in the 1993 blast.

  • jaaan28-Feb-2014

    well said nana patellar... the indian law is unfair

  • True Indian28-Feb-2014

    Nana, I salute you. You are the real man with guts. Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra.

  • Gurjeet Singh27-Feb-2014

    I really like nana Patekars bold statement and it is very true.Kudos to him for being so open and truthful.I wish all other actors must have behaved like nana. I too didn't like Sanjay |Dutts attitude over Parole.

  • Hotdogger28-Feb-2014

    I respect him for having the balls to say it.

  • P28-Feb-2014

    Salute to Mr.Nana Patekar ... He had the guts to come forward and speak .

  • Ramesh01-Mar-2014

    Hats off to you, Sir. RESPECT !!

  • Indian27-Feb-2014

    Well said Nana jee, On screen dialogue and off screen dialogue are great, that is why we always like to see your movies. I hope people in India and around the world understand it. Jai Hind.

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