Dog detained for biting ex-cop in UP

Lucknow: After the controversy and the hoopla surrounding UP Minister Azam Khan’s stolen buffaloes, comes the story of a stray dog being detained for allegedly biting a former UP cop. An FIR was filed by former Inspector Vijay Yadav in Bulandshahr district after a dog allegedly chased him and then bit him while he was visiting his native village Sanota.

In his FIR, Yadav said that the dog was a nuisance and had unleashed terror in his village. The dog was booked under Section 289 (negligent conduct with respect to animal) of the Indian Penal Code. According to the law, the owner of the animal is responsible for negligent conduct with respect to animal that can cause harm to humans. The crime can send the owner to six months in prison and a fine.

The accused
The police report mentions ‘Abhiyukt Kuttey Hain’ (the accused is a dog). Investigations were on, the Circle Officer said. However, the dog is not behind bars. Instead, he seems to have been adopted by the Gulawathi police station, and is being well fed and looked after.

Dogs are cops’ best friends
Even as this former ex-cop files an FIR against a stray in Uttar Pradesh, in most cases, dogs have helped out the police.

Take for instance, Anju, a dog attached to Mumbai’s Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) helped the Customs officials make a 5-kg drug bust in December, last year. Authorities said the eight-year-old Labrador Anju sniffed the contraband, making it her ninth drug bust. These drugs, seized over a year’s period, are collectively worth Rs 35 crore.

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