Don't feel singled out

It's Valentine's Day. But what do you do if you aren't in love or don't have a date? Fret not. The Guide has lined up a package of fun and interesting things to indulge in to help celebrate your singlehood

WORKSHOP: Step into your dancing shoes
Groove, shake and dance like no one's watching. You don't need a date for this Valentine's Day activity. Get your girlfriends together and attend a belly dance session. You'll have the studio to yourselves, as the instructor will teach you to shimmy and shake like you were born to do.
ON: Today, 9 pm to 10.30 pm
CALL: 9821423448
COST: Rs 3,000

SHOPPING: Swipe plastic money for yourself
Buy a spa treatment and get the second session for free, sport couple tees in red for guys and girls, indulge in assorted chocolates made with the finest Belgian ingredients. If offers like these are make you nauseous and melancholic about your singledom, splurge on yourself we say! The season-end sales at every major brand stores are still on and rather than 'pampering your loved one' pamper yourself.

PARTY: Groove into the night
Who says you can't celebrate if you are single on Valentine's Day? If you don't have a date, but are looking forward to a fun-filled day (or night) throw a party for yourself to trumpet your singlehood. Call your fellow single friends and party the night away. Book a restaurant or chill with friends in the comfort of your house. What's more? You can share dating horror stories and gossips whilst spending time with people you care about.

PET TIME:  Love the four-legged beauty
A dog is a man's best friend or it could be any other pet of yours. Unlike humans they give back unconditional love without having to buy the world for them. So why not spend the Valentine's Day with your pet? Pet store Paws and Furs has organised various activities such as Mr and Ms Valentine (yes, it's a crown for your pets) and discounts for you and your pet. You could even win prizes!
AT Paws and Furs, Shop no 3, Waterfield Road, Bandra(W).
CALL: 66990858

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