French fashion brand Lacoste has asked Norwegian police to stop mass murderer Anders Breivik wearing its products during court appearances

French Fashion house Lacoste has dashed off a letter to the Norwegian police requesting them to ban Anders Breivik Behring from wearing their clothes.

The killer insists on wearing a red Lacoste sweater and a red jumper with the distinctive crocodile logo on trips out of prison and The 32-year-old gunman who killed 77 people on July 22 even wrote in his online manifesto that "refined people like him should wear brands like Lacoste".

Anders Breivik Behring wears a red Lacoste sweater while being
taken to court. Breivik in his manifesto said that refined people
should wear brands like Lacoste

But his choice of clothes has been described as a "nightmare" for the French company's exclusive image.

Norwegian daily Daglabet said bosses had now written to Oslo police demanding 32-year-old Breivik be stopped from wearing their garments.

An Oslo police spokesman said, "The company feels that such a man sporting their clothes could do considerable harm to their reputation."

French daily Liberation added, "This situation is clearly a nightmare for one of France's most distinguished clothing companies."

Lacoste said on Thursday that it was "not prepared to comment on the subject".

Breivik shot and killed 69 teenagers and young people on the island of Utoya in a 79-minute long rampage.
Another eight people died in a bomb he detonated in central Oslo.

Breivik's bluff
w Breivik stated he had not been behind the bomb in Oslo, and a third cell had yet to strike. According to the Operations Leader's report, Breivik claimed it would be "hell" when they struck.
w The accused also said it was a coup and the aim was to hit the Labour Party which was Islamifying Norway"